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Frequently Asked Questions

I ordered the wrong item, what can I do? 

You can reach out to us immediately and we can attempt to get the order cancelled and refunded as long as it has not shipped yet. 

How long is production time for your products?

Since each product is custom printed, it will take up to 5 days to make your product for you.

Can I recommend custom designs? 

Yes, we will do product mock-ups and even design considerations. Requests must be emailed to and we will typically respond within 48 hours. 

Where are you located? 

We are located in Northeastern,Ohio

What kind of metal are your metal prints made on ?

They are made on 100% aluminum and they are treated to be scratch resistant. 

What is the standard delivery time? 

Delivery times may vary from product. All products are typically delivered within 14 days. 

My delivery hasn't arrived!

Please reach out to us at as soon as you can so we can get this resolved for you. 

Are your prints pre-made or are they made for the order? 

Each print selected on the site will be custom printed for you. 

How often will new prints be added to the store? 

New designs will be added to the store on a bi-weekly basis.

Do you ever stop the print of certain artwork? 

Yes, some of our prints will only be available for a limited time. We also have limited-edition print runs for individual artists. 

Can I submit an application to have my art featured here?

You can send inquires regarding art submissions to It will be reviewed and receive a response within 48 hours. 

Why can't I use PayPal?

We have had issues in the past with payments not vesting and being held for multiple weeks via PayPal. 

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